Tracking system

Locomotion Sensor is an inertial tracking system that allows tracking the orientation of objects in space with high accuracy and frequency.
The Locomotion Sensor Development Kit includes 15 wireless sensors, a receiver with a charging station and a system for attaching sensors to the human body.

data acquisition frequency — 120 Hz
data acquisition delay — 20 ms
without noise, without distortion

sensor size 55 x 35 x 10 mm
with battery for 4 hours

sensors and receiver operate
in the range 2.4 - 2.5 GHz

Download: Locomotion Sensor DK v3.0 specification (RU)

Due to the high accuracy and frequency
data acquisition, Locomotion Sensor
can be used in such industries as
entertainment, animation, sports

Locomotion Sensor solution is completed
with SDK for main game engines
(Unity3D, Unreal Engine, Motion Builder)
and operating systems (Windows, Mac*, Unix*)

* beta version in tests
LS Tools

VARYA LS Tools - software system
for creating hybrid tracking solutions:
it allows you to quickly connect and
configure most known tracking systems,
record, play and broadcast
data in real time

Locomotion Sensor DK
The ideal solution for tracking
and use in such areas as
entertainment, animation, sports!

Locomotion Sensor DK v3.0 - a set of equipment, software and documentation for developers of hybrid tracking systems and solutions
based on them.

$ 2 990

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LS VR Solution
without computer
without wires

Full body tracking system with direct connection
to Oculus Quest!

Solution set
VR helmet Oculus Quest
Protection kit with integrated Locomotion Sensors (knee pads, elbow pieces, back protection)
SDK for Oculus Quest (Unity3D, Unreal Engine)

from $ 5 490

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LS MoCap Solution
hybrid full body tracking system
based on Locomotion Sensor and HTC Vive

- record and playing animation tracks
- export animation (bvh, fbx)
- synchronization with video cameras

Solution set
Locomotion Sensor Kit
HTC Vive Kit
The software package LS Tools
SDK for Unity3D and Unreal Engine

from $ 3 990

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